Beyerdynamic dt 770Pro review

April 13, 2022

The DT770 Pros are one of the best headphones I've ever used. These headphones are very popular among music producers and audio professionals. I believe people love these headphones for various reasons, I'm going to tell you why I love them.

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I'm not an audio expert although I know a bit about the topic. So take my opinion as you would take a common user's opinion.

Build quality

First, let's talk about build quality. This is one of its many strengths. Its build quality is very good. The headphones are built mostly in plastic and metal. The pads are soft and the head support is very comfortable.

I have been using these for almost 4 months and they still like the day I got them. So I can say that build quality is very good.

The only thing I don't love about this is the 3m cable. I normally use these headphones with my computer and the long cable could be disturbing sometimes. For example when it falls on the floor and you step your chair on it. But is something I can live with and fix easily.

Audio quality

In my opinion, when it comes to headphones, the most important thing is their audio quality. The Dt 770 Pros are nice in this aspect. But before giving my opinion about their audio quality I need to present some technical data.

Its frequency range goes from 5Hz to 35KHz. I think that going that far on the upper end is useless, as the human ear can't hear frequencies above 20KHz. The same with the lower end but I have to admit that you can appreciate a bit of those low frequencies. As you can feel the vibrations a bit.

This is the frequency response graph of these headphones

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Graph by crinacle

Now the impedance, these headphones are the 80-ohm version. This is important as if this number is very high you wouldn't be able to hear practically anything from devices like laptops or phones. There is a 32-ohm version and a 250-ohm version. I haven't tested those but I can say that the 80-ohm version is just right. You can connect them to almost anything and get a good sound level.

Audio opinion

When you first listen to music in the Dt770Pros the first thing you notice is that feeling of space. Now you can identify the position of the instruments in a song. I know it sounds weird but when you try them you notice this.

The second thing you notice is clarity in the sound. Now you are listening to a clean sound as you can appreciate the details of the songs. Even you can spot instruments that you haven't noticed before.

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These headphones are "all-terrain" headphones. They get along very well with pretty much any type of music you play on them. But personally where I think you notice the difference between these and consumer headphones. Is in genres like Rock, Jazz, and Classical music. In general, anything involving a lot of instruments.


These headphones are very good both in audio and build quality. Very good in general for all genres of music. As they are closed backs they have a more "funny" sound, as you can get more bass than in an open back.

Some people claim that being closed backs its heavy bass breaks all the sound. I don't think so, it is true that they are more bassy than its brother the dt990 pro. But when you compare it to a normal pair of headphones, you can tell the difference and notice that the 770Pros are very flat in comparison.

Finally, I think that they are one of the best options for good-sounding headphones in the less than 200$ price range. And better sounding than most of the 300$ Bluetooth headphones that kill the sound with their heavy bass.